SEO Guide for WordPress

April 12, 2007

Moved from free WordPress to my own host

I finally moved my blog here at WordPress to my own host, using the WordPress CMS of course. I’m still doing some changes to the blog, so it can be seo friendly and get indexed well by Search Engines. But I believe the most important part was done.

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Important factors when doing SEO for a Web Page

April 3, 2007

The following are the most significant factors taken in account for the evaluation of factors that are considered to be important when doing SEO for a Web Page:

Keyword Use Factors:
– Keyword use in title tag
– Keyword use in the body text
– Keyword use in H1 tag
– Relationship of body text content to keywords
– Keyword use in domain name
– Keyword use in H2, H3, H(x) tags
– Keyword use in URL
– Keyword use in alt tags and image titles
– Keyword use in bold/strong tags
– Keyword use in meta description tag
– Keyword use in meta keywords tag

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Best SEO Practices from Aaron Walls

March 16, 2007

Here is a great list of top 10 SEO Practices Aaron Walls contributed with:

– Preventing search engines from indexing low quality (duplicate content, user tags, etc) or low information web pages (so that more of your link authority is focused on the high quality pages)…

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Blogging for Newbies 2007

February 27, 2007

Blogs are a simple way to publish to the Web, they are easy to maintain, you can easily start contact and communicate with others…

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PPC Basic Guide for Newbies

February 22, 2007

 Few basic seo practices for newbies to have in mind when thinking of starting a Pay Per Click Campaign…

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Avoid Google’s Supplemental Index on your Blog

February 12, 2007

Have you checked your blog with the command “site” in Google to see if some of the pages are in Google’s supplemental index? Your site’s traffic can be reducing.… in Google?

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Getting a Domain Name

February 5, 2007

Basic advice from when we are thinking of starting our own business online on how to choose the right domain name…

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